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Instand value - Our solutions bring immediate answers to your needs. Conceived as install and run software, they are available for immediate use. We make sure you avoid expensive administration and project-management costs.
Standard but customizable - Though our solutions are standard applications, they are also customizable and support customer exits.
Secure investment - Whether you prefer to buy or lease, our solutions provide proven, long-term value. Support, Maintenance and upgrade make ensure the long-term benefits of our Add-ons' advanced features.

For a quick overview of our solutions, please take a look at our Add-ons at a glance video presentation.

View the Solutions for Reporting

CS 301
SAP RE-FX Rent Roll - Multidimensional Report - Email Dispatch & Data Extraction         

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This ready-to-use solution offers you the Rent Roll. In addition this report makes it possible for you to combine the data of real estate usage objects, contracts, conditions, measurements, business partners, cash flow in condition currency and local currency (object and vacancy), and FI-Balance of open items any way you like in a single view. The selected data is compiled in a report as an ALV list, exported to an Excel template, or extracted in an Excel file and sent automatically by e-mail.SAPCerti PowSAPNetW CG10 R pos

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CS 301 Tutorial

CS 322
SAP RE-FX Account Determination Check

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This report allows you to keep an overview of all parameters that control account determination and accruals/deferrals. Data is displayed as an ALV list and is interactive, i.e., by double-clicking the fields, you can navigate to the corresponding customizing table and make changes directly. When you leave the list, your changes are immediately visible.


View the Solutions for Mass Change

CS 340
SAP RE-FX S/4HANA Migration Cockpit

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You plan to install S/4HANA and need to migrate your RE-FX Data in a simple, secure and efficient way. If this is the case, our solution meets your needs. Designed as a Cockpit, our Addon allows you to perform the migration in three simple steps:
1. Select source system and master data
2. Simulate migration and adjust mapping rules if required
3. Execute migration in update run
All your RE-FX master data is processed: Business Entity, Property, Building, Rental Objects, Participation Group, Settlement Unit, Contract, Lease Contract and Architectural Object. In addition, transactional data i.e. condition adjustments and Sales-Based Settlement can also be included in the migration process. The installation is easy: you simply import our transport request and you can start with the migration process.

CS 340 Video

CS 315
SAP RE-FX Transfer of Real Estate Master Data & Transaction Data

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With this Add-on, you can copy your RE-FX data from architectural objects or usage objects or contracts in whole or in part. Data transfer or reallocation can take place both within the same system or from into another system. The company code and business entity can be transcoded during transfer.

CS 315 Video

CS 318
SAP RE-FX Mass Changes to Master Data

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This solution allows you to easily change the master data in your real estate objects and contracts. You are not required to extract any data or edit any Excel tables. Thanks to its user-friendly operation, all you need to do is enter your program parameters. The simulation run enables you to verify any changes. Furthermore, after processing, you obtain a log that allows you to reproduce your actions at any time.

CS 318 Overview

CS 305
Mass Import of RE-FX Master Data through Files

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The ultimate utility for Master Data export, creation and update is here. Imagine a solution which would provide you with the ability of exporting all the Real Estate Objects of a system while at the same time being able to create and update entries on any SAP RE-FX system. All the above available through the integration of EXCEL files in the SAP environment.


CS 311
SAP RE-FX Mass Change of Assigned Business Partners to Real Estate Objects

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This Add-on makes it possible to perform mass-change updates of the relationship between the real estate objects and business partners. This function gives you the possibility of setting both permanent and temporary partner replacements. The change log is stored in your SAP system.


CS 310
SAP RE-FX Permanent Update of Responsible for Proper Handling of <My Objects>

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This Add-on provides an automated update of the party responsible. The automation rules can be freely defined by customizing the settings. When creating real estate objects and contracts or assigning personnel changes in the portfolio, the party responsible is automatically set. Thus, this add-on allows for the effective use of the RE-Navigator.


View the Solutions for Business Process

CS 320
SAP RE-FX Sales-Based Rent Accelerator

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This solution based on the SAP Cloud automates and simplifies the process of collecting the periodic sales reports for your sales-based rent contracts. Integrating your tenants into the data entry process means that the sales figures will be updated automatically and instantly in the sales contract. As a result, you will be able to invoice faster and improve your cash flow. Your Sales-Based Rent Accelerator is ready to run in your SAP RE-FX environment. AppCenter icon darkgrey 2

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CS 320 Overview

CS 330
Mass processing and Cockpit for Service Charge Settlement activities

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The ultimate cockpit for service charge settlement activities is here. Imagine a solution which would provide you with the ability of viewing all the settlements while at the same time being able to create and reverse settlements. Additionally, an overview in EXCEL is created and a printout of the settlement documents is provided.

CS 336
SAP RE-FX-LA Automatic SAP Lease Contract Valuation IFRS16 / Local-GAAP

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SAP provides the powerful "SAP Lease Contract" functionality to support organizations in complying with the IFRS16 accounting standards. Nevertheless, maintaining the required parameters of the IFRS16 regulations is very time consuming, except for organizations which use the add on "CS336 Automatic SAP Lease Contract Valuation IFRS16 / Local-GAAP". This add on fully automates the process and guarantees higher data quality. CS336 is more than a promise; it's a piece of evidence!

CS 336 Overview

CS 336 Video

CS 312
SAP RE-FX Transposal of Vacant Rental Objects to Real Estate Portals

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This enhancement enables you to automatically publish vacant rental objects together with picture information to one or more real estate portals using self-defined criteria. It also allows you to transfer the data of prospective tenants to your SAP system. The associated administrative effort is reduced in an instant, and your vacancies are managed actively and efficiently at all times.


CS 317
SAP RE-FX Custom-Adjustment of Conditions Enhancement

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You need to create a new contract condition in a mass run or change the value of the conditions in a relative and absolute way in one run. Integrated in the Standard Transaction REAJPR "Specify Adjustments", this Add-On allows you to proceed with the following actions in just one run: create a new condition, eliminate an existing condition, change a condition by absolute or relative rules.


CS 300
SAP RE-FX Adjustment of Sales Grading Agreement

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You manage Sales Based Contract and you need to adjust the Sales Grading Agreement. Our solution is fully integrated in the RE-FX module and provides you with opportunity to adjust your Sales Grading with an index rule for instance.


View the Solutions for SAP GUI Enhancers

CS 314
SAP RE-FX Extra Tab Page for Notes & Reporting

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This Add-on provides you with the ability of maintaining notes related to real estate objects. A specific tab page in all business objects and contracts allows for a user-friendly maintenance of notes. In addition, this Add-on make it possible to extract the notes in order to get an overview of all stored notes.

CS 314 Tutorial

CS 313
SAP RE-FX Address-map-view of Real Estate Objects

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This enhancement provides you with the ability to view the location of real-estate objects through web-mapping services embedded in your master data. In addition, the deliverables of the Add-on include a function for the facilitation of opening an external browser session.


CS 316
SAP RE-FX View of Architectural Objects in Contract

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This enhancement provides you with a list of all the architectural objects related to a rental object in the master data of the contract. In addition, to make this add-on even more effective, the functionality of being redirected to each of the architectural object’s details is also provided.