Services for our standard solutions

You will get maximum benefit from your SAP RE-FX solution only once it has been tailored to your specific needs. You can count on our consultancy services to make sure your goals are reached.
Our services focus on 3 goals:
- ensuring your SAP RE-FX Add-ons remain productive and up-to-date
- providing expertise when your requirements go beyond the standard solutions
- highest customer satisfaction

Services for the SAP RE-FX Add-ons

  • Maintenance & Support - Maintenance contracts are mandatory for our SAP RE-FX Add-on solutions. We provide maintenance contracts which can be customized to your needs.
  • Upgrades & Updates - As we continue to enhance our solutions, program updates and software corrections are provided according to the type of maintenance contract chosen.
  • Installation - We provide the necessary services which assure a rapid deployment of our solutions such as on-site installation and configuration.