About Us

COS33 GmbH is a reliable and trustworthy SAP Partner. We have been committed to real estate programming and SAP RE-FX since 1997. From our home base Switzerland, we provide our customers worldwide. We believe in innovations that provide simplifications, efficiency and comfort. Our Add-ons as well as our new SAP Cloud based app is a genuine example of our company strategy.

Our Vision

The real value from SAP RE-FX comes from a perfect adaptation to your needs. In order to save money and time we believe companies should customize by means of standardized Add-on solutions.

Our Mission

We provide ready-to-install-and-run solutions, which allow for immediate access to additional functions and which can be customized to your specific needs.

Enjoy our Swiss Quality

Ethical - Honesty and integrity are our trademarks
Proximity - We are constantly at your side ans concerned about your success
User-friendly - Comfort is made possible through simplicity
Customer oriented - We marry flexibility with efficiency